Outdoor Games for Family Picnic


Weekends are the days when you can spend a lot of time with your family after a tiring and stressful day at work. What you need now is a family outing, such as picnic, camping, travel, party,…

To plan your trip, you need a lot of preparation coming from food, clothing, transportation, necessary items, location, cost and more. To make your family trip more enjoyable and family members closer together, Outdoor Games for Family Picnic is one of the topics that attracts a lot of interest.

At this blog, discover with us about Outdoor Games for Family Picnic which is suitable for all ages, regardless of the younger members of your family. Get started now!

1. Painting

outdoor painting

This is an art that promotes the creativity and aesthetics of each individual. It would be interesting if works of art created between charming landscapes and people who love each other come together.

Colorful paintings will make your mind relax and love life more. Besides, you can also realize the imaginations and thoughts of each family member with a few strokes on paper, rocks, leaves or even on the ground. This is also an opportunity for you to show off your talents and discover your own talents and maybe those of others.

2. Play football

Play football
Play football

One of the Outdoor Games for Family Picnic that many families play is soccer. With just one ball, you can run and play with your family on the lawns. This is a great opportunity to roll around until your clothes are dirty, but enjoy yourself because occasions like this don’t happen often.

The goals will be the ultimate joy, making you have a better meal after exhausting exercise with the ball. Invite more players who you accidentally met at that picnic spot. This will make you a few more friends with similar interests!

3. Kayaking


If you organize your picnic in an area with a river, lake, or sea, kayaking is one of the Outdoor Games for Family Picnic not to be missed. This is quite a fun game and requires the ability of everyone involved in kayaking as kayaks can be very difficult to use for many people. You divide the team and row the boat to race on the water, the team that comes first will win.

Note that your health and life is more important than most, make sure all participants are fully equipped with life jackets and necessary first aid items. Moreover, this is a sport that requires good health and perseverance to steer the kayak in the right direction and as quickly as possible to reach the finish line before the opponent.

4. Passing on to each other

Passing on to each other
Passing on to each other

Family members sit in a circle. The first person will think of a message and then whisper it in the ear of the person next to it, that person continues to pass that message to the next person in the group, continuously until the end of the line. The last person in the circle will shout out what the message he received is and compare the duplicates of the original message given.

The feature of this game is that there are no winners and losers, but it is easy to laugh while spreading the word, which is what makes this game fun. This is also one of the camping games that helps the members of the group connect with each other better. However, if you want it to be more interesting then give a penalty to the person who misinterprets any word in the message.

5. Guess the object

Guess the object
Guess the object

Team members will be divided into 2 teams. A team will give any object and ask your team to predict that member. These items can be food or items that your family brings for the trip. For food, you can play with two forms of taste and touch. Tasting can be more interesting because you don’t know for sure what will get into your mouth and are curious about its smell. As for feeling food, it can only be used for packaged fruits and confectionery.

6. Hide and seek


This is one of the Outdoor Games for Family Picnic that sticks with your childhood the most. Family members can take turns to be the seeker, the rest have to hide in places that are hard to see or find. A person who closes his eyes or faces anything will count from 1 to 20, 30, 50 and then start his hunt. This game is quite suspenseful and interesting because you will not know what victim you are or you may not be seen with the perfect hidden position.

7. Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles

Currently, there are many different types of puzzles from basic to difficult. You can choose to buy a suitable puzzle for your family that everyone can play. This is one of the intellectual games, you can take a long time to arrange them so that the pieces are exactly like the original.

Besides, the block sets also require you to withdraw each wooden stick so that the block you just built does not fall. Each person in turn draws each wooden stick by observation and the technique of moving the fingers will make the game even more attractive until the last part.

8. Fly a kite

Fly a kite
Fly a kite

Outdoor Games for Family Picnic also includes kite flying. This is a game as well as a relaxing sport that is indispensable when you go on a picnic. Choose from kites with your own style or taste to let them fly in the open air. It would be great if the colorful kites were side by side to form a dreamy and romantic sky. Your siblings might like this. Go pick your favorite kite together or give it to them before the trip.


We only give you 8 Outdoor Games for Family Picnic. You may want to know more about other fun activities, explore more and list the ones just for your family now. Wouldn’t it be great if family members could join in the fun together? Plan now to make your trip more perfect.

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