Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods – Review 2022


If you are a lover of flexibility, convenience, and nutrition, come to Eat Fit Go. All of the brand’s meals use fresh, high-quality ingredients, free of harmful additives, and will keep you energized every day.

You can put an end to meal planning, ingredient prep, and dishwashing with Eat Fit Go, giving you more time to pursue your interests. Through this article, we provide information about Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods so that you can be confident about ordering online from this reputable company. Let’s get started!

What is Eat Fit Go?

Meals made by chefs are delivered right to your door by the meal delivery service Eat Fit Go. Meals can be immediately consumed after being reheated in the oven or microwave. The majority of meals are created to be under 500 calories, and all nutritional information is clearly shown.

On the menu, you may choose from a variety of filters, including vegan, gluten-free, and kidney-friendly. In other words, there are lots of nutritious options available, and cooking your own meals is simple.

Reasons to choose Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods

A hearty meal filled with nutrition will interest you if you’re looking for take-out meals. You cannot guarantee that the food you buy at any store is really hygienic or not? Is it quality? Is it tasty? If you are wondering about these questions and are afraid of them, you should try to learn about Eat Fit Go. You probably won’t be disappointed!

If you’re always on the go but want to make sure you’re eating healthy, this is a dining option worth trying. The great things are that you have many choices of your favorite dishes with a diverse menu, you can know the nutrition information clearly, your questions will be answered quickly,…

Reasons to choose Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods

You will love Eat Fit Go if you are

– Single people: You live alone and are lazy to cook a meal. You will choose to eat out to save time going to the market and cook a hearty meal but only by yourself.

– Busy Professionals: Are you a hard worker? Are you preoccupied with something and miss meals? This is very dangerous when you work too hard but don’t recharge. You need to buy ready-made food to make it easier to eat and save your time.

– People who don’t like to go to the kitchen: Even if you don’t know how to cook or you are lazy, go to the kitchen and cook like a housewife. You don’t need to touch the kitchen utensils, now you just need to buy food out and choose what you want to eat.

How Eat Fit Go Works

You can order your meals through the following 4 steps to:

    • Pick your meal and order five of them (up to 20 dishes per order)
    • Decide when you want to send your food (up to three weeks in advance)
    • Provide your shipment and contact details
    • Finish by entering your payment details

You can order Eat Fit Go meals online or visit one of the 5 stores in central US where you can take out or dine in. However, most people need Eat Fit Go meals shipped, and you’ll also want to order online and have your meals delivered to your door. This is really convenient for you!

When you order online, you will need to choose Eat Fit Go meals in a quantity of 5, up to a maximum of 20 meals per order. If you want to eat your favorite food or plan a small multi-course party, you can rest assured because Eat Fit Go allows you to book up to three weeks in advance.

Information about Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods

All meals have clear and uniform packaging, they are color-coordinated based on protein. Beef meals come in red lined packaging, vegetarian meals are dark green, and chicken meals are purple,…

All meals are freshly prepared, vacuum packaged, and made to be eaten right out of the container after being reheated in the microwave. You may also transfer the food to a heat-safe dish and cook it in the oven if you don’t have a microwave.

Despite being intended for fresh consumption, meals can be frozen before the use-by date. After freezing, reheating the meal from frozen should be done without defrosting, and you should make sure the food has achieved a temperature of 165 degrees.

Menu of Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods

Eat Fit Go has over 30 dishes to choose from online with a 3-course menu. Although a lot of it seems suitable for lunch and dinner, Eat Fit Go also provides a variety of breakfast options. The website shows you today’s Menu, but some items may change or be refreshed.

Eat Fit Go has one of the easiest menu filtering systems you can rely on for your meals. It provides you with nutritious meals according to dietary preferences or allergies.

Menu of Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods

Additionally, Eat Fit Go offers you more options than you would often find in each area, and it does an excellent job of making the nutrition facts understandable and simple to read. It offers the following dinner choices if you’re a foodie:

    • Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Soy, Plant Free;
    • Vegetarian;
    • Beneficial for diabetes, cardiovascular, kidney and lower sodium intake.

Meals at Eat Fit Go are prepared by real chefs and curated by nutritionists. Fresh ingredients combined with expert recipes will bring you delicious and energizing meals.

You can check out the menu here

Price of Eat Fit Go at $6.00 to $9.75 per serving. If you use the shipping service, you will pay an additional $15 to $35 depending on your location and the size of the order. You can get a special offer of 30% off your first order. Unlike some other meal delivery services, each meal has a 14-day shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about cooking meals for the day or even the same week.

Eat Fit Go is a company that provides nutritious meals for your health. You can eat easily no matter how busy you are and you can have it while in any US state. The average cost per meal (including shipping) is still lower than several other health-focused delivery services, even if you have to pay for your part and shipment individually.

We have put together some information about Eat Fit Go, you can consult and choose the favorite meals for you and your family. We hope this information will be useful to you. Wish you have delicious meals!


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