Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews ( Update 2022)


Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews – This new Bosch fridge provides near-perfect performance, so fans of the high-end, German-engineered brand now can add the B36CD50SNS to their top-tier kitchen layouts, along with Bosch’s excellent dishwashers. This French-door beauty aced the whole of our tests, keeping constant temperatures in the freezer and fridge.

It also has useful features such as an ice and water dispenser through the door and smart interconnection that enables remote operation as well as notifications.

Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews – Pros and cons

Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews - Pros and cons
Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews – Pros and cons

The B36CD50SNS is no exception. Bosch appliances are known for their attention to detail. The average viewer may well not notice much of a distinction between the B36CD50SNS and another French-door refrigerator at first glance.

However, Bosch designed the counter-depth B36CD50SNS to sit perfectly flat when installed, conceal the refrigerator’s hinges and feet, and feature a stainless steel interior. These design flourishes are unusual, but they certainly add to the overall aesthetic of the fridge.

Everything about this fridge appears deliberate and considerate, from its fingerprint-resistant exterior to the fact that its replaceable filter takes up the least amount of space to its gorgeous as well as responsive touch controls.

Sadly, Bosch overlooked two minor but standard specifics that we would consider seeing in a high-end refrigerator: shelf spill capture and interior crisper as well as deli drawer build quality.

In terms of performance, the crispers performed admirably in our tests; however, there appears to be some carelessness in their design, as they feel like they’re made of cheap plastic and don’t slide particularly well.

Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews – Tempersture

While it may not appear so at first glance, refrigerators have a difficult job. They must maintain a consistent, narrow temperature band of 8°F. Food in the refrigerator can freeze if the temperature falls below 32°F; anything above 40°F allows bacteria to proliferate much more quickly. Keep in mind that you’ll be opening the doors frequently, allowing cold air to escape.

Despite these constraints, the Bosch B36CD50SNS has good temperature control; its average temp is 38°F as well as varies by less than 1°F either in direction.

Its freezer temperatures were also near perfect, keeping a temp just below 0°F and never fluctuating by more than a fraction of a degree. Such consistent freezer temperatures are critical because lack of consistency is what causes freezer burn.

Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews – Bosch Home Connect

Bosch has equipped this refrigerator with its patented Home Connect platform, allowing you to remotely constantly monitor your refrigerator from your smartphone or tablet.

You can utilize the app to control the fridge’s temperature, lighting, and diagnostics. One of the more useful features of Home Connect is the capability to send you a notification if your refrigerator door is really not completely closed.

If you’ve ever gone down for a midnight snack only to find a sliver of light on your kitchen floor from an unexpectantly ajar fridge door, you understand how useful this feature is.

Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews – ice and water dispenser

Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews - ice and water dispenser
Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews – ice and water dispenser

It appears to be a standard through-the-door dispenser, but it conceals some intriguing innovations. To begin, Bosch’s brand-new QuickIcePro system ensures that you will never run out of ice, even when demand is high. According to Bosch, this system can produce 40 glasses of ice per day or about 12 pounds.

We tested this function in our lab and discovered that it could keep up with the promised speed. At this percentage, the B36CD50SNS should be able to produce sufficient quantities for daily use and even larger gatherings.

The filtered water dispenser can also recollect the size of your most frequently used glasses as well as vessels, allowing for quick, hands-free fill-ups with no spillage. In addition, water-borne sediments are reduced by up to 99.9%.

Note: In one test, we discovered that after a few hours on the cubed ice setting, it began dispensing crushed ice rather than full cubes. We retested this behavior on a new fridge but were unable to replicate it: For 8 hours, the B36CD50SNS generated cubed ice every 36 mins with no anomalies.

Bosch B36CD50SNS Reviews – Storage space

The average French-door fridge has 11.19 cubic feet of fridge space and 4.69 cubic feet of freezer space. The B36CD50SNS from Bosch has 10.68 cubic feet of fridge space and 3.82 cubic feet of freezer space.

To give you a sense of scale, this Bosch is about half the size of a bulk bag of petrol pump ice in volume and about 80 percent of one ice bag in the freezer.


This refrigerator is covered by a one-year part and service warranty from Bosch. This is the standard warranty for this product category. Some manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG, provide up to 10 years of coverage on certain parts.

Should you purchase the Bosch B36CD50SNS refrigerator?

Yes. This refrigerator has almost every feature you might want and performs flawlessly. When compared to other refrigerators we’ve reviewed, it currently ranks second and is one of the best fridges we’ve ever tested.


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