Best Travel Insurance For Cruises: 10 Types Of Travel Insurance For Cruises


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What exactly is cruise insurance?

Cruise insurance is a type of travel insurance plan that covers accidents, injuries, and other mishaps that may occur during a cruise vacation. It is tailored to the activities you are likely to partake in during your cruise and includes coverage for additional accommodation as well as travel costs under certain conditions.

Take into account that the European Health Insurance Card and the new Global Health Insurance Card will not cover the cost of rescuing someone from a cruise ship, so relying on them alone could be disastrous.

What is cruise insurance supposed to cover?

What is cruise insurance supposed to cover?
What is cruise insurance supposed to cover?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, most cruise insurance plans provided coverage for the following:

Confinement in a cabin

If you become ill while on a cruise, you may be decided to order to remain in your cabin to prevent your illness from spreading, as many people did at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The cabin confinement stipulation in cruise insurance entitles you to compensation for each 24-hour period during which you are confined.

Excursions that went unutilized

Most cruise lines will pay for any pre-booked excursions that you are unable to use because you have been constrained to your cabin due to injury or illness.

Itinerary change

Because of severe weather or timetable constraints, your cruise operator may be forced to alter the itinerary of your trip.

For example, suppose you signed up for an eight-stop cruise but were only able to stop at six due to a faulty engine. If a substantial percentage of the services on your cruise is unavailable, you should be entitled to reimbursement from the cruise line as well.

Port departure was missed

Missed port departure insurance covers the cost of lodging and transportation if you skip your cruise departure and must rebook at another port. This could be the result of a variety of factors, including:

Delays in public transportation

Accident as well as breakdowns in the vehicle in which you are traveling. An accident as well as a breakdown on the highway ahead causes delays
A strike, industrial action, or bad weather

Cancellation and reduction

Cruise vacations can be costly, and they are frequently booked far ahead of time of the travel date. Cancellation insurance allows you to recoup the cost of canceling your trip before it departs. This includes things like flights, hotel reservations, and transportation to and from airports.

Curtailment provides coverage of your cruise if it is cut short as well as you return home early due to unforeseen circumstances.

Naturally, if your flight is canceled or shortened as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, your company’s COVID-19 policy would then determine if you’re covered.

Interrupted cruise

Cruise interruption insurance covers the cost of hospitalization if you require it during your cruise. This includes health fees as well as any costs associated with rejoining your cruise, if possible.

Medical costs

Healthcare costs cover costs incurred as a result of becoming ill or injured while on vacation. This encompasses the cost of procedures, medical treatment, and, where applicable, daily hospital room fees.

Medical expenses as will cover the cost of returning you to the UK such as through air ambulance to be treated. Some policies also will pay for your travel companions’ lodging if you require substantial treatment.

Baggage and personal effects

Most cruise insurance policies might very well cover the cost of lost, stolen, or delayed baggage or belongings during your trip. The level of coverage you’re likely to receive will vary based on your policy, so read the fine print before signing up.


A large percentage of cruise insurance policies might very well cover the cost of lost or stolen travel money. The amount you can claim varies between insurers, so make sure you have the appropriate level of protection.

Who provides the Best Travel Insurance For Cruises?

Who provides the Best Travel Insurance For Cruises?
Who provides the Best Travel Insurance For Cruises?

We stopped for a moment to evaluate travel insurance in 2022 due to insurers attempting to make numerous changes to what they encased throughout the year, as well as the pandemic’s mass travel disruption.

In October, we examined policies from 73 insurance companies to determine which coronavirus-related scenarios were covered.

We divided these insurers into four groups based on the amount of coronavirus travel coverage they provide. To find out who won, click on the link below.

Is cruise travel covered by standard travel insurance?

Coupled with fast insurance policies do not cover cruises.

This is due to the fact that cruises typically last longer than a typical vacation, with some enduring months or an entire calendar year at sea.

If you do not purchase cruise insurance, you will be responsible for any cancellations as well as mishaps that occur throughout your trip.

Cruise insurance is typically purchased as a supplement to a basic travel insurance policy.

Is there an age limit for cruise insurance?

Some policies restrict cruise insurance coverage to people over the age of 65. In general, however, age limits vary depending just on the insurance company.

Travel insurance premiums are typically higher for older travelers because they are considered higher-risk and much more likely to file a claim.

Is it possible to get cruise insurance when I have a pre-existing circumstance?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you may be able to obtain cruise insurance in the same way that you can get standard travel insurance.

Where insurance companies may be able to provide you with coverage, the policy is expected to be more expensive due to the increased risk of you requiring medical assistance.


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