Best Beaches in the North of Vietnam


Vietnam, one of the countries in Southeast Asia, has a large area in contact with the sea, and its territory stretches along the East Sea. All three regions of this S-shaped country have beaches famous for their scenery and climate. If you come to the North of Vietnam as a leisure tourist then do not miss the Best Beaches in the North of Vietnam that we recommend you to visit.

Perhaps many tourists will be confused in choosing the time to start their travel journey. Referring to sea tourism, tourists often think of summer to enjoy swimming, taking pictures, visiting beaches… Summer is a hot and sunny season in most countries around the world. In Southeast Asia, summer lasts longer than in other seasons. This is why these countries have high tourist numbers, and Vietnam is no exception.

Bai Chay Beach (Quang Ninh)

Bai Chay is a beach tourist destination that you definitely cannot ignore in Best Beaches in the North of Vietnam. Bai Chay is an artificial beach, located along Ha Long Bay with a sandy beach 500 m long and up to 100 m wide.

This is a beach that attracts a lot of tourists in the sea tourism season. When coming here, you can see the long stretches of golden sand mixed with the clear blue water from the sea, the typical coconut trees of the sea-land are also grown beautifully and harmoniously.

In Bai Chay, there are many world-class resorts and hotels built so that visitors can relax and enjoy their travel to the fullest. This beach also has a low hill running gently towards the beach, combined with small villas in the resort, bringing an extremely impressive beauty to tourists.

Coming to Bai Chay, you can also participate in entertainment games or simply immerse yourself in the trees in the Royal Park. There are many types of entertainment from traditional to modern: watching water puppetry, ethnic music and dancing, karaoke room, disco room…

Bai Chay Beach
Bai Chay Beach

Tuan Chau Beach (Ha Long)

Tuan Chau is one of the very hot areas in Ha Long, belonging to Best Beaches in the North of Vietnam. Tuan Chau beach area is located about 10km from Bai Chay and this is a public beach that is currently open to tourists and locals for free. This beach area is an artificial beach with a smooth white sand carpet, clear blue water stretching over 5km, free to serve tourists and people in the area.

Visitors can plunge into the fresh sea water with ease or engage in sports and entertainment activities like football, windsurfing, and team building on the beach thanks to the beach’s modest elevation and safety. Go to the beach… or lie back on the velvety smooth sand to enjoy the fresh air and blend in with the natural wonder.

Next to the beach is a complex of entertainment services such as: Tuan Chau park with the club performing dolphins, seals, sea lions; thrilling indoor and outdoor games; 9D cinema room; physical park; spiritual tourist area; Tuan Chau international cruise port; Tuan Chau-Cat Ba ferry. In the coming time, the show “Hello Ha Long” and the dragon park will also come into operation to serve all the needs of visitors when coming to Tuan Chau – Ha Long.

Tuan Chau Beach
Tuan Chau Beach

Tra Co Beach (Mong Cai)

Dubbed one of the most beautiful and lyrical beaches in Vietnam, Tra Co beach is a place you cannot miss in Best Beaches in the North of Vietnam. This place not only possesses beautiful natural scenery but also contains unique cultural beauty.

Tra Co Beach is not too crowded, which is why it still has a wild and peaceful beauty. The beach has white sand, clear blue water, the sound of waves whispering, the sound of the wind like melodious music full of poetic are things that you will not forget.

Coming to Tra Co, you will enjoy the fresh air from nature that is hard to feel in the city area. In addition, you also have the opportunity to watch fishing boats drifting on the shore.

From April to July is the most ideal time for visitors to fully admire the beauty of this place. At this time, the sea water is clear, with few waves, and the sun is mild, just enough for visitors to take great check-in photos.

Tra Co Beach
Tra Co Beach

Dong Beach (Thanh Hoa)

Considered as the “sea paradise” of Thanh Hoa, Dong Beach is one of the Best Beaches in the North of Vietnam that I would like to introduce to you. Dong Beach will be a perfect choice for those who are wondering as well as wondering whether to travel as well as which beach to choose in Vietnam.

This is one of the emerging tourist destinations, there are still not many exploitation units, so it keeps the wild and idyllic beauty with fresh and cool nature. Dong Beach in Thanh Hoa also has the typical climate of the North of Vietnam, so there are 4 seasons with different temperatures.

The rocky beach along the beach is also one of the spots that you should visit, this rocky beach is the place that makes a difference compared to other beaches in Thanh Hoa. You can both take virtual photos while walking around to admire the scenery. Large and small laterite rocks are stacked next to the beach, creating a magical scene.

The most appropriate time to explore this tourist destination is probably from May to August. At this time, it is sunny, the weather is suitable for bathing and playing activities at the beach. However, around August, there are frequent storms, so you need to plan your travel carefully, regularly monitor the weather forecast for appropriate changes.

Dong Beach
Dong Beach

Cat Ba Beach (Hai Phong)

Cat Ba (Hai Phong) is famous for a series of interesting tourist activities such as swimming, visiting caves, national parks and attractive specialties. In particular, the best thing that attracts visitors here is the cool water in the large and small beaches spread throughout the island.

3 famous beaches called Cat Co 1, 2, 3 attract the most tourists of Cat Ba island tourism. The common point of all 3 is not too wide, but surrounded by green mountains, smooth waves, clear water and little wind. The most interesting thing is that these 3 beaches are connected by a small wooden bridge along the mountainside, extremely poetic.

Coming to Cat Ba Island, visitors will be able to participate in many interesting sea games such as beach volleyball, kayaking, …

In addition, in Cat Ba Island, many international-class resorts and hotels are built. You can immerse yourself in the daily life of farmers, which will be extremely interesting experiences for you during this vacation.

It is worthy to say that Cat Ba beach is considered as one of the Best Beaches in the North of Vietnam. You should visit this place because there are not only many beaches for you to bathe but also other activities in Cat Ba island tourism.

Cat Ba Beach
Cat Ba Beach

Do Son Beach (Hai Phong)

In addition to Cat Ba, Do Son is also an extremely attractive tourist destination for travelers looking for Best Beaches in the North of Vietnam. Mountains, hills, and the sea are all entwined in Do Son, like a dragon slithering into the East Sea. At each bend, a beach is formed.

About 20 km from Hai Phong province, Do Son is a beach chosen by many tourists. This place owns charming scenery along with a lot of extremely attractive and delicious food, in addition to a lot of entertainment activities.

Do Son is a combination of rolling mountains and casuarina trees in the vast area of the sea. This place possesses charming scenery, majestic natural scenery of mountains and forests that make you unforgettable when visiting Do Son tourist destination.

You can also visit some other places here such as Hon Dau, Van Hoa Castle, Ba De temple … especially to Do Son you also have the opportunity to try the extremely attractive Casino.

Do Son Beach
Do Son Beach

Sam Son Beach (Thanh Hoa)

Referring to Sam Son beach, it will surely be a beach that is not too strange for tourists who love the sea. This is one of the most beautiful beaches and the most crowded beach in the North, Vietnam. An ideal place in the Best Beaches in the North of Vietnam.

Sam Son is a place where you can make dual trips with both sea and mountain. Because in addition to the beautiful beaches of Sam Son, there are green, majestic mountains, steep cliffs. This will be a great experience for those who love mountain conquest.

On every summer occasion, when mentioning Sam Son, visitors immediately think of the image of a long stretch of coastline, which is the image of many tourists, along with a lot of garbage. But now Sam Son – Thanh Hoa has been renovated, extremely clean, beautiful and spacious. This place will be an extremely interesting stop for tourists.

Sam Son Beach
Sam Son Beach

Above are suggestions for Best Beaches in the North of Vietnam that you can refer to for your summer vacation. Wish you quickly choose a tourist beach in the North that is really satisfactory and quality.

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