7 Restaurants serving Vietnamese Food in San Diego


Vietnam is a country with a diverse cuisine from simple to complex, containing many delicious flavors of Southeast Asia. Vietnamese dishes have been recognized and appreciated by other countries in many ways. Proving this, many restaurants have been opened and trade smoothly in many parts of the world. Especially California, where many Vietnamese people live. Besides that, Vietnamese Food in San Diego is also getting a lot of attention.

In this article, we will introduce to you the Top 7 restaurants serving Vietnamese Food in San Diego. Thus, you will know more about Vietnamese cuisine and discover Vietnamese dishes without having to go far. Right in California, come to San Diego and enjoy some delicious food!

Characteristics of Vietnamese Food

Vietnam is an agricultural country with a long-standing wet rice civilization that makes many dishes and cooking ingredients derived from rice. Accompanying it will be dishes such as fish, meat, soup, spring rolls, eggs or processed vegetables.

Vietnam is divided into 3 regions North, Central and South with 4 distinct seasons, making the cuisine of each region also change and different. You will be surprised at the variety of their dishes by the same dish but the processing and taste of each place is different.

Vietnamese people care about good taste, so they may not care much about nutritious dishes and elaborate presentation. Their dishes are a delicate blend of spices that make the dish more delicious and fragrant.

Vietnamese cuisine is low in fat because it is primarily composed of fruits, vegetables, and tubers. They do not use as much meat as Western countries, nor do they use as much fat as Chinese dishes.

When preparing food, Vietnamese people often use fish sauce to season it with many other spices, so the dish is very rich. To complement the flavor of each dish, a dipping sauce is used.

Top 7 restaurants serving Vietnamese Food in San Diego

1. Phuong Trang

Fri – Sat 10am -10pm
Sun 10am – 9:30pm

Address: 4170 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA 92111

Phuong Trang

At the top of the list, Phuong Trang is one of the 7 best restaurants serving Vietnamese Food in San Diego that many people know. The restaurant won the 2007 Channel 10 News A-List Award for “Best Vietnamese Restaurant” and the San Diego Union-Tribune named it Best Vietnamese Seafood Restaurant.

As the leading Vietnamese restaurant in San Diego, Phuong Trang offers about 248 dishes such as starters, soups, noodles and main courses. The restaurant is open all day for lunch and dinner.

You can host a special event of your own here by making a reservation. They provide you with multi-course dining tables for a dining event like a wedding, party,…

2. Pho Ca Dao

Mon – Thu & Sun 8am – 9pm
Fri & Sat 8am – 9:30pm

Address: 8373 Mira Mesa Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92126

Pho Ca Dao

Pho Ca Dao is a traditional Vietnamese restaurant serving high quality Vietnamese food with beer and wine. You will be served alcoholic beverages before the main meals.

Their space and service style make you feel at home and familiar and close. If you are looking for a family-oriented atmosphere, Pho Ca Dao is a great choice to go to.

In addition to Mira Mesa, Pho Ca Dao has other campuses in San Diego such as Rancho Bernardo, Poway, and Mission Valley. This allows you to have choice and convenience in moving.

3. Pho HOA

Mon – Sun 7am – 8pm

Address: 4717 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92115


Pho Hoa is a casual Vietnamese restaurant offering a variety of pho and Vietnamese specialties at affordable prices. If you are a fan of Pho, you should visit here to try it because this dish is a specialty of Vietnamese people.

The restaurant serves 3 full meals and is open weekdays. The menu of the restaurant is diverse with traditional Vietnamese dishes. It offers Soup dishes, Vietnamese style, Asian style.

Staff is also one of the factors that make this place attract many guests by the friendliness and hospitality. You might want to get some suggestions from them for your meal!

4. Shank and Bone

Sun – Tues Noon – 9:00pm
Wed – Sat Noon – 10:00pm

Address: 2930 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

Shank and Bone

Shank and Bone not only serves Vietnamese food, it also offers Asian dishes for lunch and dinner. The space is decorated in Vietnamese style with beautiful and colorful “Non la“.

The highlight is the restaurant has a fresh and attractive marrow dish prepared with hot noodle soup. There are also rice dishes, vermicelli, bread,…

Restaurant serving Vietnamese food in San Diego has both inside and outside seating giving you the choice of a delicious and comfortable dining space.

If you have the opportunity to visit North Park, why not treat yourself to a unique Vietnamese meal in the area? Surely this restaurant will not let you down.

5. Goi Cuon

Tue – Sun 10am – 9pm

Address: 420 Robinson Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

Goi Cuon

This is the restaurant serving Vietnamese food in San Diego that has the best traditional Vietnamese spring rolls that you should try. They are fresh and healthy.

Here you have a menu full of vegan options. It’s great to be here catering to vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Not only salad rolls, this restaurant also offers some other delicious dishes such as banh mi, dumplings, dumplings, spring rolls, egg rolls,…

You can rest assured that there are many positive comments about Goi Cuon restaurant. They appreciate the quality of the dishes and their distinctive taste.

6. Pho Duyen Mai

Wed – Sun 10am – 9pm

Address: 5375, Kearny Villa Rd. # 111, San Diego, CA 92123

Pho Duyen Mai


Here, you can enjoy dishes made from fresh ingredients of your own choosing for your meals. The restaurant space is cool and clean, creating a delicious and comfortable dining experience for diners.

The restaurant complies with the public safety rules during the Covid-19 pandemic, it also serves takeout and delivery. Service staff attentive and quick. It is well deserved to rank Pho Duyen Mai in the Top 7 restaurants serving Vietnamese Food in San Diego.

7. Banh Mi Hoi An

Mon – Sat 10:30am – 9pm (closed on Wed)

Sun 12pm – 8pm

Address: 3145 Rosecrans St A, San Diego, CA 92110

Banh Mi Hoi An

Bread is one of the indispensable dishes when it comes to Vietnam. It’s great that you can eat a banh mi right in San Diego without having to go to Vietnam.

Each dish here is prepared fresh with natural ingredients to bring the best dining value to customers. Bread, pho, rice and many other traditional Vietnamese dishes are also listed on the menu.

In addition, the interior is mostly wood and the space is decorated with a few colorful lanterns to give you the most obvious culinary experience.

What are you waiting for without coming to Banh Mi Hoi An which is listed in the Top 7 restaurants serving Vietnamese Food in San Diego.

Are you looking for traditional Asian dishes right in the US? Are you a Vietnamese living in California but do not know many Vietnamese dishes being sold outside? Traveling to San Diego but want to eat Vietnamese food? This article is for you if you are having the above questions.

Top 7 restaurants serving Vietnamese Food in San Diego are just a few suggestions of many Vietnamese restaurants in San Diego. You can choose any location you think suits your location and preferences.

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